Self-Care Guide For Busy Moms: Finding Time For Yourself

Self-Care Guide For Busy Moms: Finding Time For Yourself

Most moms can attest to this fact: 24 hours is just not enough time in the day. If this resonates with you, you most likely juggle an action-packed schedule filled with driving to after-school activities, prepping a healthy family dinner, and getting the kids to sleep at a reasonable hour. If you stop to think for a minute (if you can find one to spare), how much time did you actually dedicate to yourself within those 24 hours? If you find that the answer is little to none, you are definitely not alone.

As a person who wears multiple hats throughout the day, self-care can truly feel low on the mile-long to-do list (or it might not make the list at all). I am here to tell you, today is the day to put yourself back on the top of that list. As mothers and caregivers, we have a huge responsibility to be our best in every way for our children, and that simply cannot be achieved without nourishing and fulfilling ourselves first. As the saying goes, you can’t pour from an empty cup.

How Do I Make Me Time?

Taking these first steps can be a challenge. They could even seem totally unnatural. Have no fear, I am here to help! Here is a quick (and realistic) list with pro tips and tools that you can easily and effectively incorporate into your routine.

illustration of women doing yoga to stay active and healthy

1. Find Fun Ways To Move Your Body

Good ol’ exercise. Taking time for fitness can seem daunting, especially when the only racing you do is from the supermarket to school - to soccer practice – and all before dinnertime. Regardless, this is one of the most imperative steps to fulfilling your self-care needs and improving your overall health. Getting your blood pumping and sweat dripping is an excellent way to relieve mental and physical stress that can cause burnout and even illness. Everyone is different, so choose what works best for you based on your fitness goals. Here are a handful of ideas (some simple, some ambitious), to help you get started:

  • Take a walk or light jog around the neighborhood (call up a friend to join you!)
  • Sign up for a yoga or pilates class
  • Download or stream an at-home workout class 
  • Sweat it out at the gym 
  • Invest in workout equipment for a home gym setup 
illustration of women sleeping to get enough sleep and feel rested

    2. Wind Down and Get A Restful Night’s Sleep

    Even though moms are proven superheroes, they too need a restful night of sleep (for recharging their superpowers, of course). According to numerous studies, a chronic lack of sleep can adversely affect a person’s health. According to research from theUCLA Sleep Disorders Center, “people who sleep less than six hours experience increased appetite, which causes weight gain and increases the risk of depression, cardiovascular disease, and Type 2 diabetes.” The best way to prep for a good night's sleep is to wind down and clear your mind before bedtime. Here are some ways to help you relax so you can catch some much needed Z’s: 

    • Read an engaging book or magazine
    • Take a relaxing shower or bath
    • Do a crossword puzzle
    • Practice mindfulness, deep breathing, and meditation
    • Spend time on a skincare routine for a little pre-sleep pamper session

    illustration of women having a self-care day with a facial mask

    3. Embracing Holistic Self-Care and Wellness

    Self-care is a full-body experience. At JoyON, we believe that tending to your vaginal health and overall sexual wellness is an incredibly important part of your self-care journey. Oftentimes, discussions regarding women’s sexual health are either dismissed or completely ignored, especially for mothers and older women. Overtime, your pelvic floor muscles, which support the uterus, bladder, and rectum can weaken due to a variety of common factors including childbirth, excessive straining, and aging. This, in turn, can cause spontaneous urine leakage which can impact your confidence in a variety of ways. Luckily, there is a way to strengthen these muscles so you can feel your absolute best down there (yes, in every situation). Ladies, I introduce you to kegel exercises.

    What we recommend: An amazing product that helps and enhances your exercise journey to impeccable vaginal health is the JoyON Electronic Kegel Exerciser designed with high-tech pressure sensors and Bluetooth technology. This medical-grade silicone exerciser, in tandem with a downloadable app, gives you real-time feedback on your workouts, tracks the progress you are making, and gives you a new challenge after you achieve your goals. Taking control of your vaginal health is empowering, so why not give it a try?

    Learn More: 5 Symptom-Relieving Benefits of Kegel Exercises or Kegel Weights For Beginners: Everything You Need To Know

    illustration of women focusing on her mental health while drinking tea

    4. Attend To Your Mental Health

    Although we’ve already mentioned exercise and the positive effects it has on your overall well-being, there are other ways to care for your body and mind that are truly imperative to living a healthy lifestyle.

    A critical part of mental well-being is discovering how to find inner peace and balance. Therapy is an effective practice that can aid you in self-discovery and hold you accountable to your personal goals. It is also an ideal opportunity to focus solely on your own journey towards personal growth, something that we often don’t get to do. Processing emotions can be challenging on your own, so the help of a neutral party can be an excellent place for catharsis so you can live your best, most authentic life.

    illustration of people eating a healthy meal at dinner table

    5. Nourish Your Body with Good, Healthy Food

    As mothers, we want our children to eat healthy, well-balanced meals to the point that we forget about our own dietary needs. Oftentimes, food can become a way to seek comfort and self-soothe during times of high stress. When uncontrolled, this could cause unwanted weight gain and other potential health concerns. A few ways to ensure that you are eating healthy, nourishing meals throughout the day include: 

    • Tracking your meals to avoid overeating
    • Practicing portion control 
    • Following a guided health plan 
    • Meal prep in advance 
    • Treat yourself to a delicious meal at your favorite restaurant 
    illustration of family riding bikes as a family activity

      6. Find an Activity You’re Passionate About

      The key to living a fulfilling life is embracing the activities you love. In your busy schedule, find the time to hone your creativity, athleticism, or whatever drives your passion. Find yourself through a handful of wonderful ideas including: 

      • Take a painting or drawing class 
      • Begin a personal journal or write a poem
      • Get back into a sport that gets you going
      • Learn or revisit an instrument you love 
      • Join a choir or dance class 
      • Elevate your cooking skills *chefs kiss* 
      Learn More: 21 Insightful Self-Care Journal Prompts or Painting for Beginners: Discovering New Paint Mediums

        Final Thoughts

        Prioritizing your health in the same way you prioritize other responsibilities will ultimately lead to a better, more enjoyable life for you and your family. The more you nourish yourself, the more you can be there for those who need you. 

        It’s also imperative to ask for help when you’re feeling overloaded (or even when you’re not). Asking for a helping hand will allow you to schedule that much needed alone time when you probably need it most. Remember, self-care comes in many forms, so find a sliver of opportunity in your day to take care of you.

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