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When it comes to maintaining the female body, we don’t beat around the bush. Joy ON’s products help women tone up their pelvic floor muscles. Stronger pelvic floor muscles restore confidence by increasing vaginal tightness and putting a stop to urinary incontinence. We believe in maintaining pelvic health, but most importantly, we believe in having fun while doing it.


Reasons why you can trust Joy ON products



We’re here to debunk the stigma around maintaining pelvic floor health. The truth is, it’s simpler than you think. That’s why we’ve developed advanced technology with clear instructions, and easy to use products, to make strengthening pelvic floor muscles as uncomplicated as possible.



Not only is pelvic floor health simple - it’s often misunderstood. Joy ON strives to provide those wishing to strengthen their pelvic floor muscles with factual, accessible information. Both the information on the packaging and our blog will help to educate you on how to maintain pelvic floor health.



Joy ON seeks to foster truth within those working to fight against urinary incontinence or weak pelvic muscles. Instead of living with the shame or humiliation that can surface when privately experiencing symptoms or accidents, we strive to bring back your self-confidence. With Joy ON you no longer have to journey alone - we have your back.



Don’t just take our word for it, Joy ON has certified physical therapists at your disposal to make sure you’re maximizing your effort in a healthy, maintainable manner. Joy ON teaches you how to properly contract muscles to strengthen them over time.




Customers love the Joy ON Kehel Exerciser

"ABSOLUTELY WORTH IT. I've bought every king of Kegel device you can buy... This is the best one you can buy. I've been doing kegels wrong up till now. Don't spend your money on anything else, trust me."


Amazon.com customer

"I love the device. I am a pelvic floor physical therapist and I see many women in my clinic htat are not activating their pelvic floor muscles correctly. Even fter I teach them, they can still struggle. This device even helped me activate my muscles better, and I know a thing or two about how to Kegel."


Amazon.com customer

"Helps build muscle strength after childbirth and I no longer fear sneezing or laughing too hard. (Thanks kids, You're the best!!) This product quickly made all my skepticism vanish. I'm tempted to exercise with it at work. As stated in the instructions, the bluetooth needs to be kept uncovered. If you need to walk around during exercises, keep the clothing covering light or the bluetooth will disconnect at the worst time possible."


Amazon.com customer

"After only a month of use, I can already see improvement in less leakage, and more confidence in the bedroom. The games are easy to play and a bit silly. There is a slight learning curve with them, but once you master it, it is great to know you are using the muscles properly and strengthening."

Gina T.

Amazon.com customer

"Amazing Product!!! his product made all the difference in my pelvic floor therapy. After my seventh baby brought my pelvic floor out with him (good thing he’s really, really cute), my PT suggested I order it and I’m so glad I did. I was totally doing Kegels all wrong. The games are cute and motivating. "

Amazon customer

Amazon.com customer

"I was so excited to get this product. When it came, it was in a beautiful package and very hygienic. I could tell right away that this was a quality product. I had some questions and emailed the support email address. Within 12 hours, I had a detailed response tailor made for me! I replied with a thanks and a further question, and again, a specific response was sent to me, that helped me in my personal situation! WOW JOY ON!!! What a customer centered company you are!"


Amazon.com customer

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