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Kehel Pelvic Exerciser | Kegel Weights

Kehel Pelvic Exerciser


If you have any questions about the usage of Kehel or any other device during pregnancy, it is essential to check with your doctor first.

How should I prepare to perform pelvic exercises with my Kehel?

When you first begin to use Kehel, we recommend starting while you are lying down, with your body in horizontal position and your legs bent up at the knees. Avoid using the abdomen, gluteus, and thigh muscles in order to target the exact muscle groups you are looking for. Kehel has an initial test that will help you to find the location of your pelvic muscles which helps you to perform the kegel exercises correctly. It is always recommended to use Kehel with empty bowels.

Is the Kehel beneficial to men?

While there are many benefits to kegel training for men, there is not an effective way for men to use Kehel to do this. Kehel can be used as a great gift though!

how should i clean and STore my kehel Kegel Exerciser?

Before and after use, you should clean the Kehel Kegel Exerciser with plenty of cold water and neutral or antibacterial soap. Don’t use any kind of perfumed soap or anything that is not neutral. Don’t clean the Kehel with water above 40ºC. After washing, don’t store the Kehel if it is still wet or has any soapy residue. Once it is completely dry, we recommend to keep the Kehel in the cover provided in the original package.


No. Using the device without the recommended battery charge (3-4 hours) negatively affects the life span of the battery and may cause damage to your Kehel Kegel Exerciser. 

What’s the battery life of Kehel Kegel Exeriser?

After the full charge (4 hours), Kehel operates for 2-3 hours depending on the working intensity.

what kind of lubricant is suitable for kehel?

It is very important that the lubricant is water-based. Do not use silicon-based lubricants. Under no circumstances should you use vaseline or moisturizing cream as they can cause an abrasive effect and produces serious irritations.

Kegel Weights

What are joyON Kegel Weights and what are they used for?

Joy ON Kegel Weights are vaginal weights made to help you with your Kegel workouts. Joy ON Weights help strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor thereby improving urethra and/or rectal sphincter function. They are designed for easy insertion (inserts just like a tampon) and used to simplify your daily exercise routine. Using Joy ON Weights reduces the time you train and helps you get better results in shorter periods of time.

What conditions can the kegel weights treat?

Kegel exercises done with Kegel Weights can help you prepare for pregnancy, speed up post-birth recovery, improve your sex life, help prevent issues with incontinence and prolapse, increase strength after gynecologic surgery, and regain tightness and bladder control.


Joy ON Kegel Weights are made of medical grade silicone which is hypoallergenic, latex free, and phthalate free. Medical grade silicone is durable, resistant to bacteria buildup, and body safe. The silicone in our Kegel Weights is commonly used to manufacture intimate vaginal products to avoid adverse effects on your reproductive system. Your health and safety are our main concern, so the silicone used in the Joy ON Kegel Weights complies with USA and EU regulations and passes all required laboratory tests (REACH, FDA, LFGB, ROSH).

How can I make sure I am using the right muscles while using the Kegel Weights?

Your pelvic floor muscles form the bottom of your pelvis and support your pelvic organs. The posterior and anterior muscles are connected. To perform a proper Kegel contraction these muscles must both squeeze and lift. You can see this action by watching in a mirror and you will see the anus pucker and the vaginal area pull upward.


You can feel how your pelvic floor contracts by inserting a finger into your vagina. You should feel the muscles pull in and up around your finger.


You can also imagine you are holding back gas and you should see your anus move inward. The posterior and anterior pelvic floor muscles are closely connected and work together.

It is important to only contract the pelvic muscles that you can feel around your finger and no other muscles, such as your stomach, leg, or buttock muscles. To make sure you are doing the contractions correctly, you can place one hand on your stomach to see if it moves when you contract your pelvic floor muscles.

how do i insert the Kegel weight?

Find a relaxed and comfortable position (sitting or standing) and gently insert the weight into your vagina the same way as you would insert a tampon. The cord should remain outside of your body.


Use a water-based lubricant as needed. Do not use silicone or oil-based lubricants, Vaseline, or moisturizing creams as they might expose you to significant irritations and cause damage to the kegel weights. Using too much lubricant can make the weight slip out too easily so use it sparingly.


how do i choose the right kegel weight?

Before using your Kegel Weights for the first time, you should choose the most suitable one according to the condition of your pelvic floor muscles. Ideally start with the white weight (0.9 oz – 25 g), insert it and hold it for two minutes using only your pelvic floor muscles. Your midsection, hips and thighs should be relaxed. If you find it easy, remove it and take the 1.4oz-40g weight. Keep doing this process until you find a weight that is challenging to hold.


How do I know that I am ready for the next Kegel weight?

Your goal when you use Joy ON Kegel Weights is to use it for 10-15 minutes once or twice per day. You can do hold then relax repetitions of 4-6 seconds in a laying or sitting position. When you start to find these kegel exercises easy, you can progress to a standing position. Once you are able to do your exercises while walking, moving around the house or coughing, you are ready for the next kegel weight.


What if the lightest Kegel weight is too heavy?

If you find that the white kegel weight (0.9 oz – 25 g) is still too heavy, try to do the exercises in a position that requires less strength, such as sitting or lying down instead of standing. If you lean forward by 90 degrees, it increases the amount of strength needed to hold the kegel weight, while leaning back or lying down reduces the strength needed.


We also recommend that you practice some traditional Kegel exercises without the weights. This will help you get familiar with your pelvic floor muscles, strengthen them, and make your workouts with the Kegel Weights easier.


Make sure that you are not using your abdominal muscles instead of your pelvic floor muscles. The abdominal muscles push down on the pelvic floor and push the weight out of your vagina. Remember, contracting your pelvic floor muscles should feel like you are trying to stop the flow of urine or trying to not pass gas.


What happens if I finish all the Kegel weights?

If you find that you can easily hold the heaviest kegel weight, you can use some extra water-based lubricant while doing your workout or perform some activities that include more movement such as walking, jogging, climbing stairs, or yoga.


You can also try to gently pull the weight out of your body using the cord while you contract your pelvic floor muscles and try to keep the kegel weight inside. This increases the resistance of the kegel exercises.


You can also increase the time of the repetitions that you are doing. For example, if you are trying to hold the kegel weight for 4-6 seconds and relax for 4-6 second, you can increase and try to hold them for 6-8 seconds each time.


Please note: our dark red weight (5.3 oz – 150 g) is the heaviest kegel weight available on the market, so if you can hold it easily then that is already great news!


When can I expect to see results with the kegel weights?

If you do your kegel exercise routines regularly and consistently, you may feel results in one or two weeks. However, if you want to achieve the maximum benefit, you should follow the program for a few weeks or months.

Every woman is different, and results will vary, but there is a common key point for all of us, consistency. Keep going and do not give up!

How to Clean and Store your Kegel Weights

Clean and disinfect your Joy ON Kegel Weights before and after each use. Use an antibacterial toy cleaner or neutral soap to clean them thoroughly.


Check your weights before each session to make sure there is no damages or cracking. In the rare event that your weight is cracked or damaged, contact us at and we will send you a replacement immediately.


If you feel any discomfort or irritation, stop using the weights immediately and consult your doctor.


Do not use the weights if you have gynecological inflammation.


Do not share your weights. Keep your Joy ON Weights in a dry and well-ventilated place.


Keep away from direct sunlight. Keep away from children.



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cracked or damaged kegel weights?

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