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Vaginal toning is the most effective method for strengthening your pelvic floor muscles. Kegel exercise is an easy and effective way to strengthen and tone your pelvic floor muscles. Contracting and relaxing these muscles for 15 minutes every day for 2 weeks is enough to see results that will give you confidence!

Though kegel weights and exercisers are excellent at improving the strength of pelvic floor muscles, JoyON’s Electronic Kegel Exerciser enhances your exercise journey with the addition of high-tech pressure sensors and Bluetooth technology.

Whether your goal is to improve bladder control, prepare or recover from childbirth, or to prevent pelvic organ prolapse, Joy ON’s Kegel Exerciser is the perfect way to strengthen and tone your pelvic floor muscles to perfection.

Our Joy ON Kegel exerciser provides the following features:

  • FAST RESULTS - Whether you’re lying down, sitting, standing, or doing household tasks, kegels are quick and easy to perform. Exercising 15 minutes a day for 2 weeks is enough to feel a difference!
  • THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE MODES - The Joy ON Kegel Exerciser features four adjustable massage modes to relax your pelvic floor muscles after your workouts.
  • YOU’LL HAVE THE SUPPORT YOU NEED - Our customer service team, pelvic health physical therapists, and healthcare professionals go above and beyond to help you achieve your goals and are here for you as you begin or take the next step in your kegel exercise journey.
  • BODY POSITIVE, BODY SAFE - Our product is made with premium medical-grade silicone that is nontoxic, hypoallergenic, and BPA- and phthalate-free.

The Joy ON Kegel Exerciser makes kegel exercise fun and engaging, motivating you along the way, and challenging you as you progress. You’ll have the tools you need to train in confidence. Fifteen minutes of training a day will make you feel great inside and out.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Joy ON Kegel Exerciser

Do Kegel Exercises Make You Tighter?

Generally, yes. Kegel exercises strengthen and tone your pelvic floor muscles, which makes them tighter as well. Consequently, these exercises are commonly known to improve enjoyment during sex. Customers attest to our products enhancing the intensity of their orgasms, and making things more exciting in the bedroom.


The Joy ON Kehel Exerciser has four therapeutic massage modes that help you identify which muscles to contract. Subsequently, you can learn which muscles to tighten and relax spontaneously.

How Often Should You Do Kegel Exercises?

For best results, perform kegel exercises every day for 15 minutes. With our Kegel Exerciser, you will see a difference in as little as two weeks!


Proper technique is crucial to experiencing the benefits of Kegels.

Do Electronic Pelvic Floor Exercisers Work?

Yes! In most cases, they work even better than the alternatives.


Kegel weights give your pelvic floor muscles an object to contract around, tightening them as you squeeze and lift. Contracting and relaxing these muscles both strengthens and tones them which can alleviate certain pelvic floor conditions, prepare you for or aid in recovery from childbirth, and prevent a leaky bladder. Consistent training with a kegel exerciser strengthens these muscles quickly, making it easy to feel improvement!


Our electronic kegel exerciser gives you more control over your exercises with technology that tracks your progress, a sensor that measures the force, stamina, and accuracy of your squeeze, and an app that gives you three great ways to train.


Like other forms of Kegel exercise, using this device may help minimize the risk of urinary incontinence by giving you more control of your bladder. By strengthening your pelvic floor muscles, it also prevents the likelihood of pelvic organ prolapse. The device has proved to be immensely beneficial for pelvic floor therapy. And let's not forget the benefits in the bedroom. Some users have found ways to stimulate penetrative orgasms by playing around with the angle of the device.


If you have any questions about the usage of Kehel or any other device during pregnancy, it is essential to check with your doctor first.

How should I prepare to perform pelvic exercises with my Kehel?

When you first begin to use Kehel, we recommend starting while you are lying down, with your body in horizontal position and your legs bent up at the knees. Avoid using the abdomen, gluteus, and thigh muscles in order to target the exact muscle groups you are looking for. Kehel has an initial test that will help you to find the location of your pelvic muscles which helps you to perform the kegel exercises correctly. It is always recommended to use Kehel with empty bowels.

how should i clean and STore my kehel Kegel Exerciser?

Before and after use, you should clean the Kehel Kegel Exerciser with plenty of cold water and neutral or antibacterial soap. Don’t use any kind of perfumed soap or anything that is not neutral. Don’t clean the Kehel with water above 40ºC. After washing, don’t store the Kehel if it is still wet or has any soapy residue. Once it is completely dry, we recommend to keep the Kehel in the cover provided in the original package.

What’s the battery life of Kehel Kegel Exerciser?

After the full charge (4 hours), Kehel operates for 2-3 hours depending on the working intensity.

what kind of lubricant is suitable for kehel?

It is very important that the lubricant is water-based. Do not use silicon-based lubricants. Under no circumstances should you use vaseline or moisturizing cream as they can cause an abrasive effect and produces serious irritations.